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Speech of the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva at the IV regular NMSS Congress

Your Majesty,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every party undergoes some moments that convince people believe that it deserves to devote to a cause.
Usually, those are the moments of trials.

Let us say it in common words! A battle is ahead of us!

The forthcoming elections are going to be our battlefield!

They are going to be the trial for our trust in the cause that gathers us here today.

This is going to be the unique moment for us to have an impact on the future of Bulgaria and of Europe, by participating in it.

In one or another way, almost all of the spokespersons before me touched the “unity” item.

Maybe this is the right moment for us to cross our Rubicon and have a look beyond the “unity”.

What is the thing that connects us? What is the reason for us to be together?

Why are we here?

In addition, one other very important item! Have you ever thought about what is the thing that distinguishes us from the other parties in the country?

At first place, this is, no doubt, our leader – Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha.

At the second place, this is the NMSS readiness to sacrifice its own party interests to the Motherland altar. We did it! We all made some sacrifices. All of us, without exceptions!

Some of us parted with their illusions, others – with their ambitions, some remained without their hopes, others lost positions, posts, benefits, etc.

As a result, now Bulgaria is a full member of the European Union and NATO!

I think, we can all agree on the following – the result deserved the sacrifice.

We have reasons to be proud! The present time and the future of Bulgaria are connected to what the NMSS governing achieved as strategic goals – our full membership to the European Union and NATO.

Moreover, the road is ahead, of course! At present, our partners in the European Parliament are sure they can rely on the authority of our leader and this seems to be our most precious capital in Europe. They trust us, because the NMSS is the one political force, which never betrayed its values.

It has been namely our government, headed by Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha that achieved a permanent economic growth, which, even under the conditions of world financial crisis, proves to be among the highest in Europe. At present, the second government with the participation of NMSS – the one of Mr. Stanishev bends largely on the good things it inherited.

I am mentioning all these things, as I think that you, our friends in the Party, should know how we, the people you elected, are defending the interests of Bulgaria.

I am convinced, that every party undergoes some moments that convince people believe that it deserves to devote to a cause. Usually, those are the moments of trials.

I am sure, that when the hardships for the NMSS are gone, we all shall have become more useful. In addition, this is namely the third thing our party distinguishes from all the other parties in Bulgaria – while they fight to become stronger, we fight to become more useful. They need the power in order to consume it; we use the power in order to be useful for the people!

I am proud for being here with you! I am proud with our leader and with the fact, that I can be useful for our Fatherland!

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