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Bilyana Raeva shall be supporting the banning of the most toxic pesticides in Europe

Dnes+ Agency, Varna

I shall be supporting the banning of the most toxic pesticides in Europe said the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva as an answer to tenths of Bulgarian citizens positions in a Dutch site concerning the European Parliament’s voting on pesticides special reports. The European Parliament debated and voted three reports on pesticides in plenary. The Environment Committee supports the European Commission to ban the aerial spraying of pesticides which is part of the strategy to reduce the using of these products. Pesticides can be vitally important for the producers, but they might have a very negative impact on human health and on the environment. At the same time the Parliamentary Committee proposes to the EP an Europe-wide regulation to set up an ‘approval system’ for new pesticides, a political strategy and a directive on their use. The Bulgarian citizens have made an appeal in Internet to our representatives in the European Parliament to vote for the toxic pesticides banning in Europe.

“I want to thank the tenths of Bulgarian people sharing their positions in support of the toxic pesticides banning. I hope with my vote to exert an influence on the Regulation and the Framework Directive drafting, the documents, related to pesticides selling and using approval regime in the EU” specified Raeva. The European Commission has published data, pointing out that the food chain in the EU at present contains residual amounts of above than 300 various pesticides – many of the typical toxicities exert well described harmful side effects on human health. Half of the fruits and vegetables that we consume are containing pesticides residual amounts exceeding the officially tolerable limits.
As a Member of the European Parliament and as an European citizen, Bilyana Raeva has supported the banning of the most toxic pesticides. She supported measures guaranteeing pesticides approval based upon the profound analysis on all the scientific researches and articles concerning the side effects exerted by pesticides of human health. The health of the most vulnerable groups, especially the children, should be protected from the pesticides harmful impact in the highest possible extent. According to Raeva, she voted to defend the human rights, the human health and the environment from the harmful pesticides impact. “I am convinced, that human health is of utmost importance and the global industrial development should not be more important than peoples’ lives. I am aware of the importance of the problem and therefore I shall do everything that depends on me to defend everybody’s interests”, says Bilyana Raeva in her answer to the Bulgarian citizens before the vote.


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