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The temporary employment agencies to assist overcoming the crisis

“The employment. Challenges and perspectives”, has been the topic of the disscussion forum, that took part in Sofia yesterday. Bilyana Raeva, Member of the European Parliament, together with BGSTAFFING, the temporary employment agencies association , organized A�the event for the representatives of the state, the syndicates and the business.

Mr.Tristan d’Avezac, the Vice-President of theA� European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies /Eurociett /was the special guest to the meeting. He shared with the participants the bestA� international practices and suggested some solutions for overcoming the crisis with the help of the temporary employment agencies. “The temporary employment and the partial unemployment could be, as well, ways to fight the grey sector and the world crisis outcomes”, explained d’Avezac, reminding the case with France in 1996, when 200 000 jobs have been opened, half of them for temporary employment. “I shall do my best to dispel your doubts and fears assuring you that the tempotary employees enjoy the same conditions and rights, like theA�full-time employees”, addressed d’Avezac the syndicates.

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Bilyana Raeva added, that the temporary form of employment allows the people to perform additional jobs with reduced working time, thus enhancing their qualification and improving their activity at the labor market.

The position of the state had been expressed by Elka Dimitrova, the Labor market policies Department Director at the MLSP. “We start to reconsider the role of the temporary employment agencies with the definition that A�temporay unemployment is better that unemployment”, explained she and revealed the models used byA� the MLSPA� to fulfil the supplements adopted by the Government.A� The conclusion is, thatA� the labor market is functioning under the rules of the market economyA� that govern the protectionA� of the employees’ rights.”The already prepared draft act responds to its purpose A�- we hope on its positive impact upon the illegal labor market limitation” , added the member of the Bulgarian Parliament Marina Dikova.

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The other participants in the meeting were: Mr. Dimitar Brankov, BIA Vice-Chairman, who exposed the BIA position concerning the topic; the managing directors of the companies A�”Adeco Group” Ivailo Slavov and Elena Todorova; “TigerOnSite”; A�”Trenkwalder” and “Alexander Huss” representatives; Nina Radeva, the MI Vice-Minister; Iliya Lingorski, the NMSS Vice-Chairman; Vesela Karaivanova , representing A�NSSI; Emil Dimitrov, representing NFTINI; representatives of the business, the NGO’s and journalists.

InA� few days a high level forum on employment is going to be held in Brussels. The deadline for Bulgaria to fulfil the European Parliament Directive on temporary employment agencies is 5 December 2011. “Let us not be the last member state to adopt this European legislation”, appealed Bilyana Raeva and placed an order for the next meeting on the topic.


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