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Dear Mr. Commissionaire,

Dear Colleagues,

At the last for this mandate session, the Parliament bears the responsibility to pronounce upon the

Directive on “the organization of working time of persons performing mobile road transport activitiesa�?.

Being a reporter for the Liberals, I am opposing to the irresponsible conduct in support to the rejection of the Commissiona��s text in its entirety (Amendment 54).

We, the Liberals, together with the European Peoplesa�� Party are taking a firm stand behind the necessity for thousands of self-employed

persons performing mobile road transport activities,

to preserve their competitive advantages and to preserve the self-employment principle.

The situation is an alarming one! The Directive that is in force at present, seizes a fundamental for the free market principle – the entrepreneurship and the ways it could be encouraged.

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It is impermissible to subject the

mobile road transport workers to a total insecurity regarding their statute at a time of hardships in the economic context. Since March, legislation is in force, demanding the working time of the self-employed to be equalized to that of the full-time mobile transport workers.

The truth is that the vast majority of the self-employed

mobile road transport workers are expecting the European Parliament to take a decision against the full inclusion of self-employed drivers within the scope of the Directive!!!

There exist fundamental differences between the self-employed and the full-time mobile transport workers!!


The self-employed mobile road workers, do not work with employment contract

like the full-time workers,

and they can freely choose their clients and their freight.

For their profits, the self-employed

mobile road transport workers, unlike the full-time workers, do not record working hours,

but the amount and the type of freight. If included in the new Directive, this would limit their a�?entrepreneuriala�? freedom (Amendments 17, 21, 22, 57, 59-64).



Legislation enforcing self-employed workersa�� working hoursa�� regulations could be a dangerous and groundless precedent. Activitiesa�� regulation of this kind does not exist in any other sector. If we take such a decision, it will undoubtedly exert a negative impact on the compatibility of the European economy.

There exist working hours and rest hours limitations, adopted with Regulation 561/2000 for every driver, regardless of self-employment of full-time working. It imposes unified rules for every driver on the EU territory and these rules are easy to check and control by the competent bodies.

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The night worka�? definition is of a great practical importance.

At present, the member states enjoy the flexible mode of defining themselves the limits of the night time thus optimizing the working hours periods for the transportation of people or freights in accordance to the varying day light.

The night time in Finland is different from the one in Italy!

This flexibility allows reducing the traffic jams in peak hours as well as reducing most of the traffic harmful emissions.

At the end, I would like to add, that we, the Liberals, supported by the European Peoplesa�� Party and many other colleagues as well, wish to continue the debate on the Directivea��s basic elements concerning securing of minimal social conditions for the full-time workers by regulating their working hours.

We support the flexible and pragmatic position adopted by the Council, that suggests that the self-employed should not be included in the scope of the Directive.

I am making an appeal to all the colleagues not to avoid taking responsibility and to support the proposed resolution!



If the Directive does not include the self-employed mobile transport workers, this will result neither in reduced road safety, nor in worsened social conditions.


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