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Internships at the Secretariat of the Assembly of European Regions (AER)

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The Assembly of European Regions is the political organisation of the regions of Europe and a representative of their interests at the European and international levels. Its mission: to defend the interests of the regions in the political process and to develop interregional cooperation. 250 Regions from 30 countries and 12 interregional organisations are members of the AER.
Internships are available in the following fields:
- Each of the AERa��s three Committees
- Each of the AERa��s four Programs (Eurodyssey, Centurio, Summer School and Youth Summer School)
- Secretary Generala��s office
- Press and Public relations
- Organisation of conferences, events and meetings
- Media and IT
- Translation

The AER offers interns the opportunity to:
-learn about regionalism and related current European political issues
-work in a dynamic, multinational and multicultural environment
-practice language skills
-develop personal responsibility and initiative
-work in small, consultancy-type teams on a wide variety of tasks
-gain invaluable experience in a professional environment

Internships generally last for a period of 3 to 6 months. They can be arranged throughout the year. Students who are accepted for an internship will be placed under the responsibility of a supervisor, normally a member of the management team. From their arrival onward, students will be considered to be members of the AER staff at the Secretariat.
1. Internship contract
For all internships within the AER, a contract must be signed by the AER and the studenta��s home University/School/Institute.
Please note that this is an indispensable condition.

2. Financial, administrative and insurance conditions
Students receive 150 euros per month for their training period. Please note that travel and living costs in Strasbourg must be met by the students. Information on housing facilities and possibilities for getting financial support for housing costs from the French state are available by request at the AER General Secretariat.
Students that are not citizens of an EU country must make sure that they fulfil all legal requirements (residence permit, visa etc.) as specified by French law for foreigners.
Students must also ensure that they are correctly insured during their stay in Strasbourg.
Students are to respect the working hours, organisation and general rules of the Secretariat.
They will respect the confidentiality of the information brought to their attention during their training period within the AER.

3. General conditions
The internships offered by the AER are intended for students who meet the following requirements:
- Interest in politics, namely regional politics
- Interest in AER activities
- University studies in fields that are related to the activities of the AER (political science, economics, international relations, law, etc.)
- Good knowledge of European institutions (European Union, Council of Europe, OSCE, etc.) is very useful
- Knowledge of regional structures in Europe is an asset
- Excellent knowledge of and the ability to draft documents in English
- Good knowledge of French and/or German
- Experience with computers (Word, Excel, Internet)
- A sense of organisation, initiative and responsibility

4. Certificate
At the end of the internship, each student will be given a certificate of completion.
5. How to apply?
There is no specific application form to fill-in. An application letter in English, along with a detailed Curriculum Vitae, should be sent to:

For internships in Strasbourg
Anastasia HURST
Assembly of European Regions
6, Rue Oberlin
F-67000 Strasbourg
Tel. : +33-(0)3-
Fax : +33-(0)3-

For internships in Brussels (limited capacity, only upon publication of an advertisement)
Assembly of European Regions
Place Sainctelette 2
B-1080 Brussels
Tel.: +32 (0)2 421 83 89
Fax: +32 (0)2 421 83 69
Please note that due to a large number of applications, only successful candidates will receive an answer


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  1. Пресиян
    July 25th, 2009 14:18

    Обявата е интересна. Аз пуснах документи за позицията в Committee 1. Но ми е интересно дали ние българите имаме някакъв шанс кандидатствайки за такива отворени конкурси. Особено що се отнася за Белгия, например, където на практика ни броят за non-EU на трудовия пазар. След като за да наемат нашенец трябва да докажат че никой от техните не може да отговори на изискванията, струва ли си труда изобщо да се кандидатства? Или не гледат толкова снизходително към нас?


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