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(English) From Kjenn Europa

alli orlistat philippines. Buy dapoxetine hydrochloride Thank you so much for organizing our visit to the EP in March. It was the
first time that Kjenn Europa brought such a big group with civil servants
to Brussels. Immediately after the visit the course members expressed
their great satisfaction. One of them said: “Henning, you didn’t tell us
in advance that MEP Raeva is such a good speaker!” As a matter of fact, I
never say in advance if a speaker is good, because it is better to let the
audience be surprised and impressed.

I found Ms Raeva’s performance to be the best one among the speaks I have heard from her. It is always interesting for the course members to meet a politician – and to listen to a political message. Ms Raeva has indeed
developed as a European Parlamentarian, and she has obviousily gathered a
lot of knowledge and experience related to the cooperation within the EEA,
as well. Sometimes I believe that Norwegian civil servants don’t realize
that European politicians belonging to countries far from Norway, work
with EEA matters – until they attend an information study tour to Brussels
and meet a Bulgarian MEP!

We were also very satisfied with Mr Olsen’s intervention. For the first
time I had the pleasure of listening to him. It is good to know for the
future that Mr Olsen can step in if the MEP is not able to spend as much
time together with the group, as Ms Raevea has.

Speaking about Henrik Olsen: I am planning two EU/EEA training programmes
this autumn. We would of course like to visit the EP following the same
practical procedures with respect to entering the building and
to (hopefully) meeting the MEP being in charge of the EEA. Now, I
remember well what you explained to me with respect to the uncertainty
related to what post you will have after the elections. Also, Mr Olsen
mentioned to me in the corridor that it might take some time before the
new MEPs are organized in the different committees etc. Still, I would
like to inform you about the dates for the two visits (see below). Maybe
the best way to ask for a visit would be to involve Mr Olsen? I suppose he
will be well informed about the up-coming organizational processes. If no
MEP will be available, then my hope is that Henrik Olsen can make an
exposA�. The two visits will be:

WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER 2009, 1000-1130
Norwegian State, County and Municipal Civil Servants

WEDNESDAY 11 NOVEMBER 2009, 1000-1130
Communication leaders, public and private sector

As always, to facilitate the entering of the building, I will provide all
the necessary information about the course members.

I will send a mail to Mr Olsen in a few days time (including a copy of
this mail).

In case we don’t meet again this autumn, I wish you all the best with
regard to new challenging jobs. Please forward my greetings to Simona
Gueorguieva, as well, if you are in touch with her.

With kind regards,

Henning Hunthor Johansen


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