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NMSS launched the EP elections campaign

Only a month after Bilyana Raeva, Member of the European Parliament, presented the Belogradchik rocks in the EP, their European image reminded of itself in the evening of May 17.

Pletal and dental treatment At 8 hours and 8 minutes sharp, the NMSS started its 2009 European Parliament electionsa�� campaign with an impressive show at one of the most magnetic places in Bulgaria a�� the a�?Kaletoa�? fortress. The candidates from the NMSS ticket were presented from an improvised stage. The famous Bulgarian actor Vlado Karamazov, presenting the ticket, announced also the message of NMSS campaign for this yeara��s elections: a�?Europe is listening to usa�?, and outlined the greatest achievements of the European party. The ticketa��s presentation, done in an original way, started traditionally from the last positions and accentuated upon the individuality and the contributions of every one of the candidates. The numerous public consisting ofA�A� supporters, activists, elavil on line no script. followers and citizens from other European countries, applauded vigorously the candidates. Questions were posed to every one of the candidates.

a�?I learned 6 foreign languages with great determination and lovea�?, responded Bilyana Raeva, Member of the European Parliament and candidate for the EP elections with N4 in the NMSS ticket, to the question of Vlado Karamazov. The public awarded her with ovations. We all have to work for the European image of Bulgaria and the learning of foreign languages is an additional key to unlock the gates and the opportunities on this way, she added.A�

The ticketa��s leader Meglena Kuneva expressed her gratitude to everybody for trusting her and assured them that the forthcoming campaign is going to be a strong and successful one; which was confirmed by the a�?coacha�? of the team Gergana Passi, the European affairs Minister.A� The Party leader Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha closed the official part of the presentation with a speech.

Earlier in the same day, a procession started from the central square of Belogradchik to the fortress. It consisted of the members of the EP electionsa�� ticket; the NMSS members of the National Parliament; the Party leadership ahead with the Party leader Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha. The procession joined the yellow wave of sympathizers and volunteers that came for the opening.A� All through Sunday the fortress a�?Kaletoa�? stayed open free of charge for all tourists and people willing to watch the start of the yellow campaign.A� The NMSS provided everybody the opportunity to vote in support of the natural phomenon Belogradchik Rocks in the campaign for designating the New 7 Wonders of Nature.



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