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Be liberal!

a�?The e-ambassadora�? initiative continues – A�ELDR gives ideas of how a broad format Liberal pre-election speech could sound like: pozitivpszichologia.

The European liberal Parties are striving for economic growth and stability; the Liberal are showing concern about our societiesa�� most numerous social category – the honest working people!

Unlike the others, the Liberals do not consider that the state should open jobs or that the state is the better banker. They trust in the creative skills of the European citizens to create jobs and economic growth.

The Socialist and the Right-wing parties are often using some ancient protectionist and populist slogans, like a�?The British jobs for the Britons!a�? One other method they use is to start, in the conditions o economic crisis, saving companies that enjoy a great interest from the media. In this situation, they miss a basic fact a�� the fact that the small and medium companies are the ones to be the main generator of jobs in the modern economies.

Europe does not need a state- a�?mothera�?, as the socialist would often say because of their intrinsic reflect to control the overall life of the citizens. We cannot afford to be deceived by some of the right-wing governments, which are trying to fight the economic crisis with protectionist methods.

The Liberals are firmly convinced that the cause-and-event confusion should be avoided when looking for the economic crisis roots. It was not the market economy as a system, but the interference of the government of USA in the real estate market, that caused the financial crisis. This is the point of view of the Liberals, when defending the regulative role of the markets. A�

Yes, the Liberals are supporting the idea of participation of Europe in the problems of solving the economic and the financial crisis. But they are making careful steps when the daily new a�?salvationa�? plans and packages for stimulating the economy are proposed. These plans seem very attractive for the representatives of some economic interests. The liberals trust, that the taxpayersa�� money should be left to the taxpayers, who are in position to take much more wise and responsible solutions to stimulate the growth.



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  1. Катя Чарнишка
    January 12th, 2010 02:07

    Биляна стискам Ви палци!! Никога не се отказвай от себе си! Горе главата!!Има един израз “Кръгом и пак напред”- може и да има такива моменти!


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