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Bilyana Raeva was Elected Chairperson of the Inter-parliamentary Committee for the European Economic Space

thuoc amoxicillin tri gi. How much pletal Bilyana Raeva, member of the European Parliament from the group of the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) was elected today chairperson of the Inter-parliamentary committee for the European Economic Space. The goal of the Committee is to contribute through dialogue and debate for the better understanding between the European Union and the countries from the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). The Committee is part of the institutional structure of the European Economic Space. It convenes twice a year and the chairpersons rotate. Sven Hansen from Norway was elected deputy chairperson of the Committee. Norway is the largest donor in the financial mechanism of the European Economic Space.

As a newly elected chairperson of the Committee, Bilyana Raeva proposed at the next meeting, scheduled for April 2008 in Iceland, a review of the financial mechanism to be carried out, as well as of the achieved so far by the Committee and of the expectations till 2009, in order to overcome some delays in the financial procedures imposed this year by the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union.

Yesterday and today (14 and 15 November), the Committee is having its 29th session in Strasbourg, at which the Commissioner on fisheries and maritime issues Jo Borg was given a hearing too. At the session, the representatives of the Committee discussed and adopted a resolution on the reports on “Energy and climate change: consequences for the EES” and “The open method for coordination and EES”. The resolutions support the objectives of Europe to reduce the harmful emissions of gases causing climate change and the use of renewable sources of energy, as well as the implementation of the open method for coordination between the European Parliament, national parliaments of the states from the European Economic Space and the European Court.
With regard to assigning quotas for carbon dioxide emissions by the European Commission, Bilyana Raeva supported a letter to the Commission, in which European deputies from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Malta announce their positions on reconsideration of the quotas, assigned by the European Commission for the period of 2008-2012. In the letter, sent to the European Commission President Jose Barroso and to the Commissioner on Environment Stavros Dimas, they recall the trial that was started before the European Communities Court in Luxembourg on the reduced emissions of carbon dioxide. The participation of Bilyana Raeva in the initiative is in support of the official Bulgarian position, announced yesterday by the Minister on environment and waters of Bulgaria Dzhevdet Chakarov, according to which Bulgaria is also joining the countries that demand reconsideration of their quotas on carbon dioxide emissions. “Bulgaria is seriously affected by the European Commission’s decision and that is why I support the letter for reconsideration of the assigned quotas”, said Bilyana Raeva regarding her inclusion in the initiative.


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