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Bilyana Raeva meets the small business in Burgas and region

Todaya��s pre-elections tour of Bilyana Raeva, Member of the European Parliament was in Burgas and the region. In Karnobat, she had a dialogue with citizens and supporters about the specific work of the member of the European Parliament. Bilyana Raeva revealed that the a�?yellowa�? ticket is composed of capable and skilled personalities with proven qualities and that they can represent the country in the European Parliament in due way.

Betnovate cream to buy uk Bilyana Raeva organized the second round of her meetings in the traditionally wine producing region of Suhodol, known with ecologically grown vineyards, reachable with difficulties due to the badly maintained and rough roads. The people of Suhodol seem to be encountering the same problems, as in other places a�� difficulties in the preparing and applying for the Operational Programs. Bilyana Raeva shared experience from Austria and Germany and committed herself to help the small and medium enterprises in the region with information, experts and consultations.

The milk producers also placed their problems concerning as the production, so the realization of their production. Bilyana Raeva expressed her regrets, that the impossibility to offer final product or service is still the barrier to the rural tourism in the region. One of the main reasons for this is the unsolved problem of labeling and branding the individual production. The Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva took the commitment to help for the solving of some of the daily life and infrastructural problems of the municipality.

The demographic crisis and the way out of it were the topics of the next meeting of Bilyana Raeva with mothers, women and children in Aitos. Here the insufficient number of kindergartens and jobs is of the same gravity as elsewhere. The NMSS social policy at local level comprises of: supply of vouchers for the kindergarten; establishment of a system to motivate the employers participate in social projects a�� kindergarten at the working place, extra school training courses, summer after school care centers, social services for the elderly former employees. a�?The question is not whether, but when we are going to import labor forcea�?, asked Bilyana Raeva, mentioning that our diasporas in Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia and Serbia are expecting us to hold out our hands, instead of looking for labor force from China and Vietnam. a�?We have already the chance to study and work in Europea�?, shared Bilyana Raeva in connection with the market mobility and flexibility. In this connection, she reminded of the fact that the roaming of our phones is one of the highest. a�?How does it happen that we cross the borders freely, while our phones need visasa�?, joked the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva. She is the author to the proposal to the European Parliament for the removal of the roaming tariffs and for the breaking of the monopoly in the telecommunication sector. This will enable the equalization of the mobile phones pre-paid cards in the member states, for example.

The program of Bilyana Raeva and the other EP elections candidates in Burgas ended with the presentation of the ticket, a�?yellow a�?parade and signing autographs. A�A� canadian pharmacy viagra 100.


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