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European funds and projects
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Bulgaria receives 41.5 Millions Euros by the Program for Cooperation with Norway and by the financial mechanism of the EEA

Bulgaria is receiving 41.5 M. Euros until 2011 by a Program for cooperation with Norway and by the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA). Nearly half of this amount is coming from Norway, donating countries by the financial mechanism are also Iceland and Liechtenstein.

The two programs have 2-years run-time, as projects are negotiable until 30April 2009. Public, private, as well as non-governmental organizations, registered as legal entities in Bulgaria, may apply for them. Condition for this is that they should be “acting in the interest of the community”.

The Norway Program supports financially the following areas with priority: greenhouse gasses emission reduction, incl. projects for joint implementation of Kyoto Protocol; energy efficiency and renewable energy resources; Schengen Law application and judicial system consolidation. Financially supported by EEA shall be the environment protection measures; the sustainable development encouragement; the European cultural heritage protection; the urban transport and urban renovation; human resources development by motivating the education, health care and cares for the children. equality of men and women in the us. Generic diovan mylan


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