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The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs adopted the Report on the demographic policy of Europe

Street price of cephalexin viagra “discover card” The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, at its regular sitting, adopted the French Socialist MEP Fran?oise Castexa��s Report on the Demographic future of Europe. Part of it is the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairesa�� position and amendments, prepared by the Bulgarian Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva. Raeva contributes to the Report, by focusing upon the economic tools allowing EU demographic improvements. The amendment proposals, supported by her, together with the texts settled by compromise with the other Partiesa�� reporters a�?in shadea�?, comprise several major trends, such as: sustainable and balanced public finance; implementation of various transparent and secure financial instruments promotion; national level demographic strategy implementationa��s tax relieves; labour market liberalization in the enlarged EU yet before 2014; employment of young people and people with family responsibilities encouraging by using flexible working schemes like working in shifts, part-time employment, life-long learning and inter-generations solidarity.

During the vote in the Committee, Bilyana Raeva stressed upon the substantial impact levied upon the public costs by the population ageing, and called on the Committee to support the implementation of mechanisms guaranteeing decent retirement for the growing number of retirement age people; to promote new technologies for better education and vocational qualification even for senior employees; to search for potentials for longer voluntary stay at the labor market, to consider the role of small and medium business as generator for new working places; to give the Member States opportunities to open better positions for the young people career start.

Bilyana Raeva and the ALDE group representatives are contented with the amendments to the Report, but they intend to consider the eventual chances to table some more amendments when voting for it in plenary during the EP session in February in Strasbourg. “I should like to propose an amendment, aiming to allow more flexible mechanisms to motivate the post-retirement age people for voluntary stay at the labor market, under the formula “salary plus pension”; I should like to propose amendments accentuating upon some financial and taxation characteristics, contributing for the positive demographic development” said Bilyana Raeva after the voting.
The Commission Report on the demographic policy comes as a respond to one of the most serious problems of the Community – population ageing and decline in employment and labor productivity. According to the document, the European Union will undergo profound changes in the demographic structure by 2050, bringing to decline the working-age population and to an increase the retirement age population, becoming a heavy burden for the public finance.
According to the Report, a major challenge is the EU competitiveness improvement guaranteeing the European social model maintenance. For this reason the Report envisages serious measures to prolong the work life expectancy; to optimize the human resources by career development; to use the financial tools potentials guaranteeing the generations solidarity, and also to develop a reasonable strategy for immigrants’ integration to the labor market.


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