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Radio Varna starts a new broadcasting with Bilyana Raeva and Dushana Zdravkova

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The presenter of the a�?Positiona�? Radio Varna social and political survey broadcasting Daniela Ivanova is inviting on Saturday in the studio Dushana Zdravkova and Bilyana Raeva – members of the European Parliament. This will happen after 10 oa��clock, the usual time of a�?Positiona�? broadcasting , and it will set the beginning of a new heading, that will be informing the audience every month about what is happening in the European Parliament and about what the Bulgarian members of the European Parliament can do for the favor of their fellow-citizens.
The objective of the broadcasting is to transform the information about the European Parliament from something unfamiliar and alien, into an information offering possibilities for solving the real problems of everyone and into a corrective of these institutions that keep their doors closed for our problems. This is an important step, as we know, that the great deals in Europe start with the events on our street, start with our life, start with the efforts we do to make them real.


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