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Bilyana Raeva discussed with the chairman of the Association of Recycling the problems ot the area

Purchase venlor venlafaxine xanax street price 2012. The Bulgarian Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva had a meeting today with the Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Recycling Borislav Malinov and the Executive director Temenuzka Kostova, to discuss upon the problems of recycling in Bulgaria. The Association representatives consider that the companies, fulfilling this activity in Bulgaria are facing a great problem, connected to the blocking of the waste import from neighboring countries, especially from Serbia. The reason originates in p.4 of Article 63 of EC Regulation 1013 from 2006, referring to the transition period in Bulgaria, when a written notification should be applied for all kinds of waste.

This makes the recycling industry face the problem of permits issuing and notification from neighboring Serbia, as nearly 40% of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling are coming from. As a non-EU member state, Serbia observes the Basil Convention on dangerous waste and requires the same type of documentation even for the non-dangerous waste like the ferrous and the non-ferrous metals, as the Association representatives noted.

By their opinion, the transition period in the Regulation should be shortened, or even removed, thus allowing a regular import of large size waste in Bulgaria. It is a definite position of the Association, that the advance notifications preparation procedures are difficult and senseless and they are blocking the business. The ferrous and non-ferrous metals should be defined as secondary raw materials, as they are not dangerous – their processing is only a mechanical one, stated the BAR. This should take place in the Framework Directive N12 of 2006 that has already passed a first reading in the European Parliament. Until April 3rd, the Directive furnished with the new proposals, has to pass through the EP Environment Committee and to be submitted for vote in Plenary in June.

Bilyana. Raeva committed herself to assist and to present a well-argued position on the necessity of decreasing or removing the transition period, allowing unproblematic import for the large size waste. She will conduct some consultations also with the Minister of European Affairs Gergana Grancharova, attempting to find the best way to support the Bulgarian business in the sphere of recycling defending the interests of the country.


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