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Bilyana Raeva starts a campaign to sight-impaired people in Bulgaria

international order of cialis. Cheap voltarol diclofenac The “Equal living conditions” campaign, that is seeking to raise the sight- impaired people’s qualification, employment and social inclusion, has been presented today in Plovdiv by Bilyana Raeva, Member of the European Parliament (ALDE – NMSS).The campaign is taking place in cooperation with the national sight-impaired people’s “reading house” (chitalishte) “Louis Braille” in Sofia and the media partnership of “Telegraph” newspaper. Bilyana Raeva stated that the first steps to be done are to study the conditions for the sight-impaired people in Bulgaria; to support them and to improve the health cares for them; to ensure normal conditions for their social inclusion and adaptation and also to equip them with the technical equipment needed.

Bilyana Raeva shared, that the campaign’s first project is aiming at the stabilization and development of the national sight-impaired people’s “reading house” (chitalishte) “Louis Braille”. There is a need for personal computers and monitors for sight-impaired to be provided, as well as equipment and materials to scan Braille’s books and transform them in e-versions and also distribution of the books round the country. The campaign started with a charity fashion show-auction organized by the fashion house “Aggata”; the funds raised – above 600 levas, are sufficient for buying the equipment needed to improve the psycomotorics of the sight-impaired children in the specialized kindergarten “Eliza” in Plovdiv.

The objectives of this campaign stand among my priorities in Bulgaria for creation of proper conditions for a competitive and social economy, by improving the health status of the nation as a whole and by social inclusion and labor market inclusion of groups that are not included, said Raeva – when presenting the idea at the seminar “The working conditions and their impact upon the working people’s health”, that she organized in Plovdiv. During the seminar Bilyana Raeva focused on some of the most serious problems raised in the European Parliament’s Report on the safety and health at work. Dr Ilianna Popova, from the Ministry of health care spoke about the impact of the working conditions upon the level of national statistical average of illnesses and of the occupational diseases in the country, as well as the ways to fund activities and forms to make employers improve the working conditions.


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