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Enforced economic growth, proper social policy, protected environment are not reciprocal according to the Lisbon Strategy

products like viagra. Benicar olmesartan medoxomil price “The group of the Liberals and Democrats for Europe is holding the position that the Lisbon Strategy remains to be the major driving force for profound economic and social reforms in EU to be carried out. It is the main way to find a proper response to the globalization challenges, giving chance to the EU to prove itself as a zone of economic growth, social and economic prosperity, technological development and modernization. Efforts should be doubled during the next phase of the Lisbon strategy to reach these high and worthy objectives” said today in the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva, Member of the European Parliament (ALDE – NMSP).

In her statement, Raeva stressed that after their accession to the EU, Bulgaria and Rumania are fully integrated to the Lisbon Strategy implementation and this is the first year that they have to report how they fulfill their duties according to their three years plans of reforms.

Bilyana Raeva is a member to the European Parliament Coordination Group on the Lisbon Strategy from the ALDE group. For several months now she is an ALDE reporter in shade for the European Parliament Resolution elaboration with recommendations on the Lisbon Strategy third phase. The Resolution is going to be voted for in Plenary on February 20th and then presented to the heads of governments and states at the European Council meeting in Brussels this spring.

The Resolution to be voted for in the EP has incorporated a large part of the ALDE priorities, presented by Raeva and being of utmost importance for Bulgaria and Rumania. Some of the most significant among them are:

a�? creating proper conditions for a more flexible and better functioning labor market allowing social integration;

a�? lowering the administrative burden and achieving better governance;

a�? reinforcing the external dimension of the internal European market by improving the European business’ international positions (more export and investments);
a�? improving the financial markets transparence and stability and better consumers’ defense;
a�? applying greater involvement to environment and global climate change challenges;
a�?reaching the Strategy’s concrete results with a more efficient use of the Community Structural Funds ;
a�?enforcing the Trans-European Projects’ transport network.
Earlier in this month MEPs and national MPs from the 27 Member States of EU met in Brussels on 11 and 12 February (Monday and Tuesday) to debate on the future of Lisbon Strategy. These meetings aim at strengthening the active participation of national parliaments in EU affairs.Their participation is important for reaching the Lisbon Strategy objectives, connected with creating more economic growth and jobs, preserving at the same time sustainable environment and good social defense. During the meeting, Raeva presented the ALDE group priorities how to reach the Strategy objectives. Bilyana Raeva was co-chairing one of the three working groups. The focus in it has been set upon lowering the administrative burden on the companies, best practices promotion, making friendlier environment for business in the Community and in the Member States. The debate traced the main trends to the Strategy’s forthcoming third three-year stage, and for the first time EU demography measures have been integrated to it. Bilyana Raeva was the ALDE reporter on the demographic future of Europe in the European Parliament Economic commission.


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