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50 years of the European Parliament

phiser viagra without perscription. How much dramamine to take The European Parliament celebrated its 50th anniversary with an official ceremony and performances by the European Youth Orchestra.
The President-in-office of the Council and Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez JanA?a and European Commission President JosA� Manuel Baroso, former presidents of the Parliament and representatives of Member States National Parliaments and of other institutions had been among the guests. Our National Assembly had been represented by Vice-Chairwoman Ms Kamelia Kasabova.
It was 19 March, 1958, when delegates first assembled as the European Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg. It was an European Assembly of 142 nationally nominated Members with just four official languages. At present, 50 years later, the European Parliament consists of 785 directly elected Members speaking 23 languages.
In his opening address, European Parliament President Hans-Gert PA�ttering welcomed all the guests and the members of the Parliament.
Mr PA�ttering stressed that step by step, the European Parliament has fought to secure more and more rights and has become ever more aware of its responsibility and of what it can do; and today it does credit to its name.
“Today, we are 785 Members from 27 European nations; we represent seven political groups and more than 150 national political parties; we are both a legislative and a budgetary authority, on an equal footing with the Council of Ministers; we exercise oversight over the European Commission and elect its President; we are the representatives of close to 500 million Union citizens; we reflect all political tendencies in the European Union; we have become self-assured and a major player in European politics”, he said.
Talking about the Reform Treaty President PA�ttering said “The Treaty of Lisbon will further strengthen our rights. In future, decisions on important issues now of concern to citizens in the European Union can be taken only if the European Parliament gives its consent”.
The Treaty of Lisbon and the Charter of Fundamental Rights will make a decisive contribution towards making democracy and parliamentarianism in the European Union a reality at all levels, he added.

Mr.Hans-Gert PA�ttering stressed the role of national parliaments, saying: “the cooperation between the European Parliament and national parliaments is of special concern to us. We must endeavour, in future, to maintain that cooperation”.
The president-in-office of the Council, Janez JanA?a congratulated the Parliament for its active role; expressed gratitude for its contribution in the progress achieved in the process of EU integration over the past fifty years and wished that new ideas and consistency should safeguard this area of freedom and democracy.He expressed his hope that the next fifty years should be as successful for the European Parliament being the ” home of European democracy”.
The European Commission President JosA� Manuel Barroso stressed that Europe’s “unique institutional triangle” has since proven its vitality by adapting to vast growth in the tasks entrusted to the Union and to the dynamics of enlargement.The success is mostly due to the ingenuity and balance of our institutional construction, noted he and saluted Parliament’s contribution to the European project, in every field of daily life.

At the end the European Youth Orchestra performed the European Anthem – “Ode to Joy”.


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