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The new Commissioner for Public Health, is answering the questions of Bilyana Raeva

fastest viagra fedex delivery usa. Order buspar no prescription Bulgaria received satisfactory answers to substantial present day questions concerning health care, as it became clear after the three hours hearing to Mrs. Androula Vassiliou in the European Parliament today. Commission’s fundamental priorities comprise of the life expectance indicator’s results improvement regarding European population ageing, and cross-border healthcare, said Vassiliou as an answer. The demographic crisis problem has an impact upon the public finance and upon the labor market. The prospects are hopeful – the health reform is soon to be finalized and the social package containing also the health services liberalization is going to be tabled till the mid of this year to be reconsidered by the European Parliament. Answering the question concerning the cross-border health services, Mrs. Vassiliou focused upon the patient mobillity as EU major factor. It is namely the Directive on free healthcare market to motivate the national health and social insurance systems modernization. The hearing enables the relevant parliamentary Committeee to get aquainted to the personality and the views of Mrs. Vassiliou , and it gives chances for exchange of views at large regarding the priorities in her field of competence. The hearing is also a form of a democratic and transparent procedure.


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