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Bilyana Raeva posed questions to the new European Commissioner on health

The new commissioner on health Androulla Vassiliou paid a special visit to the European Parliament ALDE group in Strasbourg yesterday, to get a closer contact with the members of the Liberal Alliance and to present her program until the end of her mandate in the Commission.
The new Commissioner’s priorities relate to the actual tendencies and problems of the European Union healthcare. On July 2, Ms. Vassiliou placed a proposal for a directive for Patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare, giving rights to patients to choose treatment in another EU member state if necessary, with no worry about costs, safety and quality. The directive gives patients the right to non-hospitalisation care in other Member States to the extent that they would be covered in their own Member State. They do not need prior authorisation and will be reimbursed by their own social security system.
The directive ensures free movement of and better information for patients. Furthermore, it will increase cooperation between health care systems by sharing expertise, innovation and information.The directive concerns mainly the supply of high quality and safe health services, European cooperation in patients health care, e-health cares, eases the purchase of medicines with prescriptions issued in third country. Patients could be advised on the best treatment and health care place.

As Chairwoman to the Delegation for relations with Switzerland, Iceland and Norway and to the European Economic Area (EEA) Joint Parliamentary Committee, Bilyana Raeva (ALDE) takes part in the adoption of resolution by this Committee on the health services in these states. She posed a question to Ms. Vassiliou whether the new cross-border health service directive should apply for the EEA states and become part of their agreement.
Ms. Vassiliou specified that no reflections had been made on that issue, but that the directive is eligible for these states and that their experience might be of use. Furthermore, it will increase cooperation between health care systems by sharing expertise, innovation and information.
Bilyana Raeva addressed Ms. Vassiliou with the question whether a special policy has been designed for people with mental disorders, both for adults and for children, minding the gravity of this problem in Bulgaria. “Though this is adults’ problem mainly, treatment of children with mental disorders is of an utmost importance, hence, I am convinced we should do the best for them” was the reply of Ms. Vassiliou. She explained that she is initiating intensified activities against the mental disorders; related to this problem, France is organizing conference on the Alzheimer disorder problems.
According to Ms. Vassiliou, the “brain-drain” flow of experts in medicine from the new Member States to the old ones could be fought against by using the potentials of the structural funds. The funds absorption could be used to facilitate the healthcare systems and to invest in the training of medical experts, creating better conditions for the experts to make them remain in their countries of origin. Statistics’ data show that Europe is becoming an “ageing” continent: people live longer, but their life is not healthier. Life expectancy indicator must undergo some improvements, as, according to the WHO (World Health Organization) this improvement is going to make people happier, to make them work more productively; the number of working people is going to increase. This is one of the Ms. Vassiliou’s guiding lines during her mandate along with the patients’ safety. Other priorities are: feed and food safety, especially for the children; new rules on food labelling and updating the measures for novel foods. Can you buy metformin over the counter in usa cialis cipa certified.


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