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Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the Commission responded to Bilyana Raeva on road safety key questions

canadian meds viagra. Buy ditropan xl uk Commissionaire Jacques Barrot gave a special response to the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva (ALDE -NMSP) on the questions she asked concerning road safety. It happened at the regular EP plenary session in Brussels, when Raeva asked whether and when we are going to have Community legislation, widening the existing common standards – in particular by introducing a common EU indicator for road accidents threshold to be strictly respected by Member States. Mr.Barrot thanked for asking the question that had been put among the first three priority questions for the Commission. He said that for sure it is going to be supported by his successor, Mr. Tajani who is also very committed to the issue of road safety.
In the 2001, EU White Paper the European Union set itself the target of halving the number of road accident victims by 2010. In 2003, it was the subject of a European Road Safety Action Program, which defined 60 measures aimed at encouraging road users to behave more sensibly, using technical advances to make vehicles safer, improving road infrastructure, making commercial transport safer, improving the treatment of victims and developing the analysis of accident data. This situation has provoked Raeva for the question to the Commission: a�z At the existence of indicators, at the definite existence of a very serious initiative on the part of the European Commission concerning road safety in Europe, how is control of the execution of these indicators provided and in what way is it truly guaranteed that we in Europe will have a reduction of fatal cases by at least 50%? “Commissionaire Jacques Barrot shared his opinion, that with the enforcement in the field of road safety, which defines best practices for controlling traffic offences, we have an opportunity to assess each Member State. This assessment highlights the record of some Member States and the weaknesses of others. For a country like Bulgaria, this indicator is too high.
With her questions concerning road safety, Bilyana Raeva appeals to the responsible European Institutions to take immediate sanctions in case of violation of these requirements by introducing a common EU indicator for road accidents threshold to be strictly respected by Member States.
A new European action program for road safety is currently in preparation to be voted for in the EP Committee on Transport next week in compliance to the suggested by the European Commission measures for technical road safety related to the victims of transport accidents and the pedestrians’ safety on the road. An idea exists for a common European Road Safety Day to be announced.


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