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Svilengrad hosted tourism seminar in the eve of the World Tourism Day September 27

The business, the municipality, the investors, all they have to cross their hands in the name of a common strategy and common vision on tourism, said the NMSS Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva at the seminar “Development opportunities for tourism on the territory of the Svilengrad municipality. The seminar ahs been initiated by Bilyana Raeva and it was organized with the help of the municipality of Svilengrad., The mayor of Svilengrad eng. George Manolov and the State Agency on Tourism Vice-Chairperson Stela Baltova took part in the opening of the event.
Experts from MRDPW, MLSP, MAFS, and from the municipality made presentations to the representatives of the tourist branch, of the business, of the local and regional tourist companies about the opportunities for the region to apply for the projects financed by the European Union through our operational programs. Bilyana Raeva pointed out that a condition of utmost importance for successful projects for tourism to be prepared, is that the people preparing the projects should be well trained, and the local municipality disposes of such experts.

“Together with the regional tourist branch representatives and with the experts on the operational programs, we have to sit down and decide on projects concerning the territory of Svilengrad”, added Bilyana Raeva.
We dispose of more than 30 thousand significant cultural and historic sites, and Bulgaria is ranking the third position after Italy and Greece concerning this indicator, explained Stela Baltova.

Development of village tourism and ecological tourism in the region were also items of discussions as optional possible projects financed by European funds. A surprise for the participants in the seminar was the shooting of PHARE financed film, made by Nikolai and Ivan Yotov, about the cultural and historical sites on the territory of Svilengrad.

The event was held in Katarzyna Estate Chateau, the village Mezzek; it was the final event of the Svilengrad cultural and historical tour organized by the municipality for the participants. This meeting is part of the round of seminars on tourist development key items and regions, as the first of them “The EU Structural Funds for the tourism in Bulgaria” took part on May 26, 2008 in Grand Hotel Sofia; the second one “The European Funds for the Congress Tourism in Bulgaria”, held in the Festival and Congress Centre in Varna on July 11, 2008.

The Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva announced to the journalists at the press conference about the 12th of her Information offices in the country already working in Svilengrad. The people living in the region can visit the office and ask questions concerning European projects or information on the European Union. Serophene online viagra european pharmacy.


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