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European funds and projects
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A 2 million Euros SME pilot project has been approved

generic viagra 150 mg. Buy micronase structure The European Parliament has preferentially allocated 2 million Euros for e-business processes harmonization and standardization between small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
The Budgetary Committee at its sitting yesterday approved a pilot project proposed by the Member of the European parliament Bilyana Raeva (NMSS – ALDE), for harmonization and standardization of the e-business systems used by SMEs from interrelated business sectors.

The project aims to prepare the introduction of a common European e-business system among business chain participants of one or more industrial sectors.
A problem of great importance for the SMEs is the necessity to cope with the various and complicated information systems used by their clients, suppliers and business partners. Thus the business processes are obstructed and additional costs caused for the SMEs, pushing down their market efficiency and bringing finally to loss of competitiveness and market share.
Ms. Raeva stressed upon the project’s importance for the e-business processes harmonization and for the information exchange systems along the whole business chain of one or several interrelated business sectors. According to Raeva this will result in reducing the business operations new technologies and innovations introduction costs for the SMEs. The project correlates to the priorities of the adopted by the European Commission in July Small Business Act, aiming to improve the competitiveness of these extremely important for the European economy enterprises.
The selection of sectors eligible for the project will be coordinated with the Member States via the e-Business Support Network for SMEs. The European Parliament will also be consulted with for this selection. The sectors to be most probably selected are the construction, the food industry, the car manufacturing, the electronics, etc.
The European Commission will be fulfilling this project during the next year. When preparing the project, the Commission will be adhering to the best practices and the results achieved in similar projects in the textile and the shoe manufacturing industries.


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