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ALDE Information

The Alliance of Liberal sand Democrats for Europe (ALDE) is composed of the parliament members belonging to national parties in the European Liberal Democratic and Reformist Party (ELDRP). ELDRP was founded in 1976 to prepare the European liberal, democratic and reformists’ parties for the EP elections in 1979.Today it unites political parties with common liberal, democratic and reformists’ ideals, coming from more than 30 states

ELDRP is very determined to support a further deepening EU integration, a further rising of EU influence and a further EU enlargement. It is striving for a stronger European economy, a more modern European democracy and further investment in the European security. The Party’ objective is an enlarged, a more democratic, a better defined and a more accessible European Union, empowered to take decisions that allow efficient results only at EU level; trusting at the same time other items’ decisions taking on a decentralized level.

ALDE is made of 103 members thus being the third largest group in the European Parliament.

ALDE’ vision about the EU is, that Europe should:

a�? Hold out its hand to all the European states, that desire to join the EU and observe the principles of democracy, stability, human rights and working market economy;

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a�? Encourage sustainable economic growth, leading to: more in number and higher in quality working places; better choices for the consumers and better opportunities for the business;

a�? Secure freedom, safety and justice for its citizen, defend the human rights and fight the discrimination in all its forms;

a�? Contribute for justice, peace, stability and decrease of the poverty in the world.

The Bureau is the main decision making body the ALDE. It is composed of the leaders of all the ALDE national delegations. It oversees the ALDE Group’s main strategy and policies. Bilyana Raeva is a member of the Bureau as a Chairperson to the NMSS National delegation

Graham Watson is the Chairman of ALDE. He is a Member of the European Parliament, representing South West England and Gibraltar. He was born in Scotland on 23.03.1956.The beginning of his political career is when he joins the Liberal International Youth movement, as in 1977 he is elected a Vice-president, and in 1979 – Secretary General. He has worked for the HSBC bank and for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He goes back to the family of the Liberals after his work for the HSBC bank. At the 1994 elections for the EP he was elected with an impressive majority by the Somerset and Devon constituency. He is the author to a number of publications as:”The power of speech”, “Liberalism – something to shout about”, etc
The ALDE group is composed of the parliament members belonging to national parties in the countries members of the European Union. These national delegations introduce their own political and cultural values, and at the same time, as members of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe they collaborate in the EU. They share common values and common visions about the future of Europe.