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Всички права, текстове, снимки и видео материали, са запазени и правата принадлежат на Биляна Раева.

Можете да ползвате материали от сайта при следните условия.

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The NMSS Party was constituted as a political force in April 2002, but it has been founded as a party immediately before the parliamentary elections in 2001, by Simeon Saxe- Coburg Gotha. In the European Parliament the Party is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE).

The NMSS Party won the elections in a coalition with two small parties – the Party of the women of Bulgaria and the “Oborishte” Party. During the period 2001 – 2005, the Party rules Bulgaria together with the MRF Party, and the Prime-Minister is Simeon Saxe- Coburg Gotha. In 2005, after some changes took place in the Cabinet, the “Novoto vreme” Party, founded by some members of a discussion club in the frames of the parliamentary group of NMSS – participants in the discussion club, also joined the government. The NMSS Party is a right-centrist, liberal and electoral party. Since July 2003, it is a full member of the European Liberal democratic and reformist party (ELDRP) and since May 2005 – of the Liberal International. Since 2005, NMSS participates in a tripartite coalition government, comprising the BSP, the NMSS and the MRF.