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ELDR presents its election campaign for the European elections

A NMSS delegation, ahead with its leader Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha leaves for a two-day visit to Brussels on April 15th and 16th for the official launch of the election campaign of the liberals in the European Parliament. On April 15thA� the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) is organizing the so-called election a�?rallya�? for the opening of the campaign, structured in four panels: civil freedoms; European market a�� development and employment; environment and energy; European Union enlargement, security and defense.
A�Participating and presenting the launch ofA� the European elections campaign of the liberals, ahead with the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) President Annemie Neyts, are the most eminent European liberal partiesa�� figuresA� like Matti Vanhanen, Prime Minister of Finland, the Vice Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister of Finance Didier Reynders, Pat Cox, Graham Watson, etc. The European Commissionaire Meglena Kuneva is one of the lectors to the a�?rallya�? on the item of the European market in the EC. Included in the program of the delegation are also the visit to the European Parliament and the participation in the ALDE Group sitting hosted by the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva, who is also participating in the official delegation, as well as a meeting with the Commissionaire Meglena Kuneva in the European Commission.A�
Other members of the delegation are the NMSS Vice-chairman Iliya Lingorski, the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva, the member of the Bulgarian Parliament Antonia Parvanova, the NMSS International department chief Alida Rizova, the member of the NMSS elections headquarters Borislav Cekov, Ludmila Videnova, Head of Presscenter, as well as district coordinators and regional journalists. chinese pharmacy online. Order mestinon myasthenia


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