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Bilyana Raeva – EP and the youth; Bourgas and its problems

a�?One of the necessary qualities for a member of the European Parliament to convince the other 785 MEPs is his ability of adversarial hearing to other peoplea��s arguments and his ability of using them to defend his thesis. In the frames of one minute and a half to two minutes, you have to be capable to convince the people in the plenary hall to support your proposala�?, noted the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva in her lecture delivered in the Free University of Bourgas yesterday. She added that she is proud of having achieved the defense of 17 proposals. Some of the proposals Bilyana Raeva defended successfully in the EP are: the idea of entry plug connectors of the various peripherals (chargers, headsets, transmission cables), which would be universally valid from 2012 on for all GSM handset brands, thus saving 20 millions tons of electronic waste world wide; 7 years period retention of the existing disposable quotas for carbon dioxide emissions for Bulgaria flonase new zealand online. , etc.

Cheap ditropan 5mg Our future can be improved with the help of our activities. If you do not wish to express your position on June 7, other 30% of the electors will do it instead of you,a�? added Bilyana Raeva.

The Free university of Bourgas hosted a meeting-discussion called a�?The European Union a�� the force to accomplish the changesa�?. The NMSS candidates for the EP elections Solomon Passi and Daniela Rousseva also took part in the meeting. The students expressed their opinion that the EP members candidates should be: flexible diplomats; loyal people; able to balance between the Bulgarian and the European interests; of good command of foreign languages. A�

During the meeting with the NMSS candidates for the EP elections Bilyana Raeva and Daniela Rousseva in the largest in Bourgas residential quarter a�?Meden Rudnika�?, the Chairperson to the Civil Initiative Committee of Meden Rudnik Krustiyo Stavrev suggested, that the NMSS MEPs should open there an information office.

This Committee is the oldest working civil association on the territory of Bourgas and it has initiated a number of activities to improve the Meden Rudnik environment.

Later in the same day, the NMSS candidates for the EP elections Bilyana Raeva and Daniela Rousseva met with citizens of Pomorie. They discussed upon the results from the referendum concerning the Bourgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline. Bilyana Raeva took the commitment to the Initiative Committee to acquaint the European Commissionaire on ecology Stavros Dimas with the referendum results. She took the commitment too, to place in the EP Committee on Environment all the arguments against the a�?mono-buoya�? technology for the construction of the pipeline.



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