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Does Europe listen to the NMSS?

a�?Dnes +a�? Analyses and comments

a�?Europe listens to usa�? is the NMSS message for the EP elections. Besides, it is a good one! Moreover, the opponents of this party will not like it at all, thus proving, that the yellow party has hit the color of the European electionsa�� target. I have to be entirely honest and admit that while I was heading the campaign of the EP elections in 2007, I was mad with the NMSS for their message a�?The European image of Bulgariaa�?. By that time, it seemed quite rude, though I was inclined to recognize the yellow ticketa��s qualities.

In 2007, ahead of the NMSS ticket was Bilyana Raeva, a new face for the Bulgarian politics for that time. She was by that time subjected to contemptuous and nagging comments like a�?she is better for a secretary that for a politiciana�?. The truth is that she coped with the campaign in an impeccable way and with her work in the European Parliament, she won respect.

Today the new NMSS ticket with Meglena Kuneva ahead is quite more impressive. Therefore, there is logic in the slogan a�?Europe listens to usa�?. According to NPOC sociological survey published yesterday (May 26), Kuneva is the only EP elections ticketa��s leader to enjoy the trust indicator (48.1%) sufficiently exceeding the distrust indicator (32.2%). This probably puts her in the Top 3 of the Bulgarian politicians enjoying high percentage of trust. If we add to this the fact that Meglena Kuneva was elected the European Commissionaire of the year, then the NMSS ticket avails a considerable advantage, at least at the majority voting system. fgr-100.

I am not intending, of course, to throw golden butterflies upon Ms Kuneva or upon NMSS. Against the yellow party and against its candidatesa�� ticket a lot of criticism could be addressed. Meglena Kuneva could, of course, expect to be attacked by the NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) fans that defend the thesis of the untimely closure of blocks 3 and 4 of the Nuclear Plant before January 2007. However, this is not a debate for a blog, as for such debate two parties are needed, and in this case, one of the parties is missing.

The NMSS ticket has another advantage not to be underestimated. Traditionally, the NMSS gives equal chances to both men and women to take part in the tickets. In the present NMSS ticket for the EP elections, the number of women is eight, and the number of men a�� 7. Five out of them fulfill the meaningfulness of the a�?Europe listens to usa�? message a�� Meglena Kuneva, Antonia Parvanova, the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva, the ex-Foreign Minister Solomon Passi, as well as Stanimir Ilchev.

The things I said up to now are the positive aspects for NMSS and the yellow ticket. It is time now to mention about the weak points. The NMSS is a part of the triple coalition that is a sufficiently heavy negative point at the end of this mandate. The Party lost a lot of its rating due to the joint rule for two mandates with the MRF, and to the joint rule with the BSP during the last mandate. If the NMSS wants to be successful in the two elections campaigns, it has to defend its political heritage. There is no logical reason, however, why the political rating of BSP and MRF is 2nd and 3rd respectively, after a mandate of bad governing due to their ministers, (especially the red ones), while at the same time the NMSS bears the whole negative attitude of the 4 years of socialist rule. Plavix alternatives cheaper

No doubt, the politics are a function of the daily life and not a result of incantations. During the last year of the present parliamentary mandate, the NMSS demonstrated a distance from the BSP and the MRF. The Party attacked the 8-percent barrier in the Constitutional Court and thus managed to defend from violence the electoral systema�� and indirectly it made a political reverence to two right-centrist coalitions a�� a�?The Blue Coalitiona�? and a�?Forwarda�?. Perhaps this is the reason why there is no hatred towards the NMSS at the end of the present mandate. This is a real achievement against the background of the strongly negative attitude of the society towards BSP and MRF. It remains for us to see whether Bulgaria will a�?listen toa�? the NMSS in the EP elections.

Dimitar Avramov /avramov.com/blog




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