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University students are grateful to Bilyana Raeva for the opportunity to visit the European Parliament

The Bulgarian University students, who visited the European Parliament in the Eve of the Day of the Bulgarian students – December 8th, by the invitation of Bilyana Raeva and the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Kingdom of Belgium Hristo Georgiev, expressed their gratefulness for this initiative with letters sent to the Office of Bilyana Raeva in Brussels. The nearly 70 Bulgarian students who visited the Parliament, study in Belgium in the frames of ERASMUS Program, others are full-time students in Law, Humanitarian Sciences, Biology, Political Sciences, Arts, etc., in Universities in Brussels, Bruges, Lou vain, Gent. Among the young people, visiting the Parliament, there are also 10 Bulgarian students from different Universities in Bulgaria, members of the Liberal Youth Assembly of NMSS

“Thank you for the invitation! It is very nice, that you organized the meeting on December 6th; this was not only an opportunity to visit the European Parliament, but also for us, the Bulgarian students, to establish contacts, not only pleasant, but also very useful. I hope we can make use in the future of the chances to organize meetings of this kind” wrote after the meeting Luben in his letter to the Office of Bilyana Raeva.

According to Zlatka Avramova, a student in Belgium, the meeting has been organized in a splendid way. “I was astonished, myself, how you could manage to organize a group of 60-70 Bulgarian people to stay in the EP for five hours without making any problem. Congratulations for the organization! Personally for me it was a very pleasant experience – to get acquainted to so many Bulgarian people, who are disseminating the positive fame of Bulgaria – in a way that raises the smashed Bulgarian self-confidence. I congratulate Bilyana Raeva for this wonderful initiative. I think, the curse for the contemporary political life and for Bulgaria is the fact, that our politicians are distanced from the electors. Obviously, I cannot put Bilyana Raeva in the mass of our spit at by everyone “political elite”. Fortunately enough!”, writes Zlatka in her letter to the Office of Bilyana Raeva.

The initiative of Bilyana Reva and our Ambassador to Belgium will have its continuation during the next year. The idea is that the Bulgarian students’ community in Belgium should be united and communications and contacts be created between the young people studying abroad. levitra vs cialis. Cozaar 100 mg cost


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