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European funds and projects
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The EP approved the EU Budget for 2008

prescription free cialis. Cleocin ovules price On December 13th, the Members of the EP adopted its second reading of the 2008 EU budget, thus concludding the annual budgetary procedure.The Parliament voted for a budget of a��120 346 758 612 in payment appropriations which is nearly 0.96% of the total GNI of the EU and is an increase of 5.7% on the 2007 figure. The EU budget will be signed in Brussels plenary on December 18th.

The EP Members voted for the satellite system “Galileo” and the European Institute of Technology to be funded entirely by the Community. The amount needed by 2013 will be found mainly from the revision of the Financial Perspectives. Globally, a��3.7bn are foreseen for the two projects until 2013.

The CFSP will receive a total of a��285 million from the EU budget, an increase of a��125 million over 2007. Of this figure, a��70 million will be deployed through the flexibility instrument, which is designed to finance unforeseen or exceptional expenditure, under the Interinstitutional Agreement (IIA) of 17 May 2006. This exceptional a��70 will be used in 2008 for the CFSP actions, essentially for the EU obligations in Kosovo.

EP supported to double the amounts allocated to Frontex (EU Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders). Thus the figure earmarked for this agency in the budget rises to a��70 million in total.
At the first reading, regarding the Commission staff expenditure, the EP devoted a��49 million reserve, but at the second reading, MEPs decided to liberate this amount and to maintain in reserve only a��5 million.

For the first time in the history of EU, growth and jobs take the biggest share of the EU budget, edging ahead of farm subsidies.


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