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The EP Economic and monetary committee has voted a position regarding the EU Consumer Policy Strategy

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The European Parliament Economic and monetary affairs committee has adopted today a position, concerning the EU Consumer Policy Strategy 2007 – 2013. The reporter in shade for the preparation of the document from the Alliance of democrats and liberals for Europe (ALDE) was the Bulgarian Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva. The updated strategy, based upon the past period results, has been proposed by the European Commissioner Meglena Kuneva in an Announcement of the European commission in November 2007.
Bilyana Raeva (ALDE) tabled 11 amendments to the original text of the position, and the amendments have been supported by the reporter Cristobal Montoro Romero (EPP, Italy), as some of them have been integrated into the compromise proposals. The amendments tabled by Bilyana Raeva, search to reinforce the consumers dimension of the common market, by adopting measures allowing enhanced transparency and freedom of choice in terms of quality and prices. These amendments encourage measures to be adopted to protect the consumers from market serious threats and risks. Along this line, one of the proposed amendments guides the strategy efforts to the new Member States’ problems.

In the frames of the Economic and monetary affairs committee’ position, Bilyana Raeva highlighted the market of financial services, distinguished by the extreme complexity of its products, insufficient consumers’ financial literacy and from there – an enhanced services consumption risk.
A proposal for measures to be introduced for collective indemnification has been subjected to an animated discussion by representatives of all the parliamentary groups. Amendments are expected to be proposed to the main report text, to help clarifying this contradictory procedure.
The position has been met with a full support by the members of the Economic and monetary affairs committee and it is expected to be integrated into the main Strategy report, prepared by the EP Internal market and consumer protection committee.
Meanwhile, Bilyana Raeva is conducting some consultations with experts and with colleagues Members of the European Parliament, to discuss upon the eventual report amendments to be voted for in plenary in March.


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