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Five Bulgarian MEPS submitted a written Declaration for common European policy on underprivileged children

The Bulgarian Members of the European Parliament Filiz Hyusmenova, Metin Kazak, Prof. Vladko Panayotov, Bilyana Raeva and Iliana Yotova, submitted on Wednesday afternoon a written Declaration, in which they call for a common European policy on the upbringing and education of underprivileged children.

The document demands that improved care for them becomes an immediate priority for European policy-makers until the degrading inequality of children unwanted by their families is eradicated. The Declaration initiators demand that the European Commission should exert a permanent control on the social care homes for parentless children.They appeal to oppose attempts to politicise such complex social problem, as it has been happening both in Bulgaria and in other Member States

The written Declaration has been initiated by the Bulgarian MEPS from ALDE and supported by Iliana Yotova from BSP. Support from other countries has been expressed too.

The European Parliament rules demand that a written declaration should be submitted by up to five Members of the Parliament, and this happened on Wednesday afternoon. In the course of five working days after the declaration is submitted in Bulgarian, it has to be translated into all the European Union official languages, more than 20. On the first following Plenary, it has to be officially forwarded to be signed by the other members of the Parliament. Where a declaration is signed by the majority of Parliament’s component Members, it turns into an official Act of the European Parliament.

The followers may join the written Declaration from February 18 2008 on in Strasbourg. Many European Parliament Members from the Alliance of Liberals, from the Party of European Socialists and from other formations in the European Parliament, have expressed their wish to join the Declaration of the initiators.

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Written declaration for a common European policy on upbringing and education of underprivileged children.

The European Parliament,

- having regard to Rule 116 of its Rules of Procedure,

??.Whereas the cares for children and minors upbringing is prevailingly the duty of the family, but at the same time also the duty of the society and the state,

?�.Sharing the concerns of the numerous signals coming from EU countries’ homes for abandoned children,

?�.Considering the equal origin of these problems in the Member States,

?�. Acknowledging all the European citizens’ universal rights of access to education and medical cares,

1. Calls on the European Commission to support and encourage efforts to improve the conditions of upbringing for abandoned children at all levels of EU Member States national governments.

2. Demands that improved care for underprivileged and for abandoned young people should become an immediate priority for European policy-makers until the degrading inequality of children unwanted by their families is eradicated and they are integrated into the society.

3.Appeals for heightened levels of monitoring until disparities in care standards disappear.

4. Opposes attempts to politicise and use for cheap populism such complex social problems, end encourages member states to share best practises and positive legislative solutions for raising underprivileged children.

5.The EP instruct its president to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the parliaments of the Member States, the European Council and the European Commission.


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