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Bilyana Raeva is taking part in a BIA seminar on employersa�� competences for EU policies formation

Bilyana Raeva participated in a seminar named a�?Bulgarian employersa�� key competences to take an active part in the European Parliament sectored industrial development policies formationa�?. She was the moderator to that panel of the seminar, where Rumen Atanasov, the Chairman to the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Electrical Engineering, presented the Bulgarian contribution in the European sectored policy formation in the branch of electrical engineering. Bilyana Raeva explained about the opportunities the Operational Programs, the European Union Programs and the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area are offering to finance different business projects. She focused on the importance of lobbying in the EU in favor of the Bulgarian state and business interests; on the importance of good coordination in Bulgaria between business, institutions and MEP, allowing adequate defense of our countrya��s interests, beginning with documents going round different commissions to be considered, until the final documents elaboration, ready to be voted for in the EP.

The President of BIA Bojidar Danev presented the potentials of BUSINESSEUROPE (theConfederation of European Business) and the BIA experience in the process of the European sectored policies formation. In his expose he stressed upon the creative cooperation with the business, demonstrated by now by the Bulgarian representatives in the European Parliament. The President of BIA addressed the branch structures that are members of the Association to further activate the issuing of up-to-date expert information, concerning specified proposals for amendments in the European sectored legislation. This could allow BIA, through its membership in BUSINESSEUROPE and through participation in a number of working groups, commissions and committees at different levels, to efficiently defend the Bulgarian business interests.
Bojidar Danev acquainted the participants in the seminar with some projects for legislative acts, included in the European Parliament’s program, that are of key importance also for the Bulgarian business. Among them are: the common VAT taxation system, the internal market of electric energy and natural gas, taxation for the unleaded petrol, social insurance systems’ coordination, the electronic communication networks and services, protection of environment with the help of the criminal law, etc. buy brand name viagra online 50 mg. Luvox for panic disorder


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