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The Healthcare Directive will be presented today in Strasbourg

In Strasbourg today, Androula Vassiliou, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, will be making the presentation of the Healthcare Directive to the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Healthcare and Food safety. The European Commission had been urged to initiate the elaboration of the Directive by Mr. Carl-Heinz Florenz (member of the Environment, Healthcare and Food Safety Committee). The healthcare package is designed to make it easier for patients to get medical treatment elsewhere in the EU. For Bulgaria this is one of the priority axes, as in the European Parliament the ALDE group is working on this problem.
The Directive gives guarantees for the healthcare quality and safety in the Union as a whole thus encouraging the national healthcare cooperation and better services.
In April Ms. Bilyana Raeva, ALDE representative, had been appointed to take part in the hearing of the new Commissioner, Ms.Vassiliou, and she posed two key questions concerning Bulgaria and the European Union: about the finalization of the European Commission’s proposal of cross-border health services and their influence upon the organization and the financing of the social insurance systems in Europe. Ms. Raeva asked also about the healthcare politics that the new Commissioner, Ms.Vassiliou is intending to undertake in regard of the demographic policy and the future of the healthcare and of the pensioning system reforms in the EU.
Since April the new Commissioner, Ms.Vassiliou took the commitment to work on the priority items, and now we are witnessing the presentation of the Directive. Earlier Commissioner Vassiliou noted that the perspective is an encouraging one and the healthcare reform is on the way to be finalized, and the healthcare package containing healthcare services liberalization will be tabled to be reconsidered by the European Parliament. Today at the sitting in Strasbourg, we expect this to take place, because the mobility is a basic factor in the EU and the healthcare system has to make use of it. The Healthcare Commissioner made a accent on this item during her election, emphasizing upon the role of the directive for free medical market to stimulate and modernize the national systems of healthcare and social insurance. The ultimate objective is achieving a unified standard in healthcare quality in European Union as a whole.
The cheaper health services, as reality shows in Bulgaria, are a topic of utmost actuality. Recently Bulgaria has become the preferred destination for more and more Europeans making use of the qualitative and advantageous dental and recreation services while on vacation. Bulgaria shows great opportunities for healthcare tourism development that allows investments of capitals, resources and workforce, as our country disposes of availability of climatic and natural conditions and trained experts. The quality of the Bulgarian tourist product has to undergo development to ascertain our country as preferred destination in the field. The start came from the wave of SPA and Wellness centers that represent now a part of another kind of tourism, lasting the year round and with a great perspective – the congress tourism. This turned to be the topic of the seminars organized in Bulgaria, by the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva together with the State Agency for Tourism. The first one: “The EU Structural funds for the tourism in Bulgaria” was held in Sofia.

Ms. Raeva’s idea is making these seminars regularly, in most of the Bulgarian cities, with representatives of the branch and the administration, inviting lectors from EU for exchange of experience. The tendency shaping the new market environment and the future of the Bulgarian tourist branch in the period until 2013 is namely the opportunity for the successful utilization of the European Structural Funds for development of the branch of tourism. That is namely the purpose of the seminars organized by Bilyana Raeva – turning tourism into a winning card. Order nootropil piracetam is there really generic viagra.


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