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Bilyana Raevaa��s essay has been published in a pamphlet on the Lisbon Strategy

antibiotics without doctor. Purchase minocin uses European Liberal Democrat Leader Graham Watson and six other MEPs from different political Groups, among them Bilyana Raeva, launched today the pamphlet “The Lisbon Strategy: Mode d’Emploi”. The common theme in this collection of essays is the urgency with which Europe must forge ahead to ensure its economic competitiveness on the global stage.
Addressing the media in Strasbourg, Bilyana Raeva touched on the social and economic dimensions of the demographic statute and the workforce status in EU. The demographic transition is a serious challenge to the durability of the European social model. “We should not forget that the social model concerns to a great extent the healthcare model” noted Raeva and defended the further liberalization of healthcare services. One of the EU priorities, she pointed out, the fight against the “undeclared jobs” as a phenomenon determined by a vast scale of economic, social, institutional and cultural specifities, is having a negative impact on the economic growth, the budgetary and the social policy of the Member States. Raeva explained the connection of this problem with the social model, insisting that the society should not tolerate the idea that the more acceptable policy is the one propagating that doing no work is easier and cheaper. This is the reason why the EU should encourage the hard-working ones; it should liberalize and open its domestic market much earlier than in 2014.
“The Lisbon Strategy: Mode d’Emploi” is third in a series of cross-party pamphlets initiated by Graham Watson which has already dealt with the challenged of migration and global governance. The publication initiated by him also features contributions by other Members of the European Parliament, active participants and authors to resolutions on the Lisbon Strategy like Robert Goebbels (PSE), Rebecca Harms (Greens/EFA), Malcolm Harbour (EPP-ED), Edit Herczog (PSE), Gunnar HA�kmar (EPP-ED), and Bilyana Raeva (ALDE).

Bilyana Raeva has been elected on November 14th 2007 a member of the European Parliament’s Coordinating Group on the Lisbon Strategy from the Liberals and Democrats for Europe’s quota. This group was supposed to work out at the beginning of this year a resolution of the European Parliament on the progress, the hardships and the forthcoming challenges and priorities to be faced on the road to reach the Liberal Strategy objectives


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