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Bilyana Raeva insists upon EU fight against fiscal fraud

overnight canadian pharmacy. Purchase duphalac I consider of utmost importance the European Union’s co-ordinate strategy to improve the fight against fiscal fraud. As for the Member States, so for the European Community as a whole, the identification of fiscal fraud negative aspects is of a great significance, announced the ALDE- NMSP Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva, after the European Parliament adopted the Sharon Bowles’ own initiative report on co-ordinated strategy to improve the fight against fiscal fraud.
According to Raeva, tax fraud has serious consequences for Member States’ budgets and the European Union’s resource system, leads to violations of the principle of fair and transparent taxation, and is liable to bring about distortions of competition, thereby affecting the operation of the internal market. As a substitute member to the EP Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, Raeva has been observing and participating in the debates on her British colleague Sharon Bowles’ report preparation.
The new forms of tax fraud linked to cross-border transactions, such as carousel or missing-trader intra-Community fraud, have taken advantage of the fragmentation and loopholes of the current tax systems Tax fraud has serious consequences for honest businesses as competitive disadvantages, signalizes Raeva, whereas tax fraud, and the loss of tax revenue is ultimately replenished by the European taxpayer through other forms of taxation;
With these arguments, the Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva gave her support to the three basic measures included in the report:
1. Administrative cooperation and mutual assistance to protect fiscal revenue of all the Member States; mechanisms to promote such cooperation between Member States.
2. Fundamental change to the current VAT system in the transactions between Member States
3. Non-EU third countries general approach cooperation. Regarding this measure, Bilyana Raeva did not support amendment 4 introduced by Ms. Elisa Ferreira and Ms. Benoit Hamon for not considering the taxation relations between Switzerland and the European Union and the taxation agreements negotiated up to now.
The debates accounted for the significant VAT systems differences in the Member States.


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