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When and how is the European road safety legislation going to be standardized?

Dilantin pills for sale usa drugstore. The Member of the European Parliament Bilyana Raeva (ALDE -NMSP) is going to table questions to the European Commission concerning road safety at the regular EP plenary session in Brussels on Wednesday.

With her questions concerning road safety, Bilyana Raeva appeals to the responsible European institutions to apply immediate sanctions in case of violation of these requirements by introducing a common EU legislation and indicators for road accidents threshold to be strictly respected by Member States.

What are the prospects of the Commission studying the possibility of developing a uniform approach to supervision, control and sanctions on EU territory and a future common road safety policy of the European Union will also lead to a common road policing policy, which will improve the quality of road safety control and monitoring, has been the question Ms. Raeva posed to the European institutions.

The elaboration and the application of a common European indicator is proposed, that might introduce the maximally acceptable levels of fatal accidents to be strictly observed by all the Community Member States. One of the fundamental problems is the considerable difference in the number of road accidents victims in the “old” and the “new” Member States.

In support of elaboration of common European policy on road safety, Bilyana Raeva has proposed a pilot project, worked out together with Solomon Passy, concerning the EU 2009 Budget. If approved by the EP Committee on Transport, the project should fund the European road safety standards research opportunities and the common European road accidents victims’ indicator harmonization. For the moment, the European Commission is preparing a legislative proposal concerning the road safety infrastructure to be considered by the EP and by the Council of Ministers for the coming months, as well as a cross border control cooperation motion.

The road safety item had been raised by Solomon Passy (in co-authorship with Krasimira Martinova, Vice-Minister on Transport), in an article published in “24 Hours” newspaper several months ago and it was the occasion for Bilyana Raeva to take a stand and position on the issue.

Bulgaria is the second ranking among the Member States in the annual proportion of the number of people killed in road accidents. Though the number of people killed in the rest of the Member States (except of Romania) is less, the road accidents prove to be a considerable problem for our societies (in humanitarian, social, demographic, financial, etc. plan).

The joint proposal of Bilyana Raeva and Solomon Passy copes with the necessity of making a common policy concerning the problem. This policy should supply the EC with the necessary instruments to enable it guarantee that the road accidents victims’ number would not exceed a fixed average European level (a common European indicator).


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