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Good luck for the new school year!

The first bell, the first day after the vacations, the beginning of the new school year. Who could remain indifferent in this so familiar and so important day for the Bulgarian school?

Dear school boys and girls, I am addressing you simply as Bilyana, the schoolgirl, who, just like you on September 15th used to present flowers to her teacher, who was also waiting for the ringing of the school bell to meet her classmates and to enter the classroom. Every time I am passing by the schoolyard, I remember my best years in school. The school for me is my sacred institution, my start in life, the place where every young person chooses his way of development. Thank you for giving me the reason to continue being proud with the successes, you achieve at home and abroad with your awards in the contests all over the world. Thank you for choosing this school, where the traditional teaching is meeting the new European horizons.

Today, September 15 is your day, dear first-year pupils; this is your first time to step in an unknown school, full of summer energy, ready for knowledge and conquests. It is time for you to rush in, to find your desks and textbooks waiting for you, to lighten up the classroom with your smiles!

The opening of the new school year is a celebration for you, dear teachers, directors and parents!

The noblessity of teachers’ profession deserves the recognition of everyone. Our society is obliged to you for your everyday efforts and hard work in school. Words of thanks are pale. You deserve the respect of the whole society. You and the Bulgarian school are igniting the fire of knowledge, you are shaping the personalities of the pupils, you give them education of high level, and the young people are becoming citizens of the world with the help of the knowledge and skills received in the classroom. My efforts – the personal ones and those of Member of the European Parliament have been related always to the dissemination of the Bulgarian culture and achievements among my colleagues in the European Parliament. I shall always be supporting the Bulgarian school as an institution. Moreover, I shall be doing it with pride!

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